Palm & Sage - Our Story

Updated: Mar 26

We have known each other since our eldest children started life at our local village pre-school. Some might say it was ‘love at first sight’ but the two of us clicked instantly and have been firm friends ever since.

For a long time, between children, pregnancies and work life, we hoped to find the right time to make Palm & Sage a reality – that time is now!

We are both described as ‘hosts with the most’ and when meeting with friends and family our goal is to ensure everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves; good food, great surroundings but with that ‘little subtle something extra’. Not flashy, not in your face, just the feeling of having it ‘all together’.

We know this achievable to anyone, if given the right tools; this is where we come in.

​With lifestyles changing and new dynamics being created in our world right now we find ourselves catering more and more outside. Whether it be hosting in our gardens or out and about on beaches, in woods, amongst fields. These outside areas have now become an additional room to gather and celebrate in. Let’s make these spaces extra special, let’s make these into open air rooms that you’ll want to be in more than ever, let us help you create that day where everything is ‘easy’

Don’t get us wrong, we know you’re not incompetent, you have everything you need to keep your guests well fed, dry and warm, but it’s those little things, that ‘subtle something extra’ that you need.

Let us ensure you arrive to a gathering with the full package of picnic paraphernalia required. Remove those picnic niggles and annoyances; good riddance to plastic glassware that’s feels, well, like plastic, constant drinks spillages when ‘glassware’ gets knocked over, kids with cold feet &hands, lugging back large empty food pots, that ‘no style’ bag-for-life with everything shoved in (that happens to make you look like a crazy bag lady).

Our goal is to bring you a collection of beautiful homeware pieces that will allow you to relax and entertain effortlessly; those touches in your garden that make it an extension of your house. A basket of lovely blankets so that guests have no reason to leave, lighting that’s bright enough to be able to see what you’re doing whilst being soft enough to enhance the mood. Beautiful and sustainable platters, plates and dipping bowls. A curation of natural tones; this is a no flamingo zone!

​We genuinely love every piece we sell, and we hope that you do to xxxx

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